Contact Us

For wholesale inquiries or issues with an order, please use the form below (please note we are not taking on any wholesale accounts or orders until 2022.)

We're online Monday through Friday. We try to respond within one business day. We are an online-only candle shop. To smell IRL, join us at an upcoming popup. For donation requests, please visit the donation request page.

We do not offer custom labels on our candles. Private label and custom scent requests have a 1,000 full-sized candle minimum order and a six-month development timeline. 

If something is Sold Out, you can sign up for a Back In Stock notification on the right hand side of the screen of the product page that is currently out of stock. Demand helps us determine whether or not to restock a scent. Do not email us to request a restock. 

If you are writing to complain about our candle labels, our values, our point of view on politics, etc, we will not respond to your message so don't waste your time or ours. There are a million candle brands out there (many of whom do not make bold statements or any at all, leaving it up to question who and what you are supporting) for you to spend your hard-earned dollars. 

Please check the FAQ page for additional questions before sending us an email. This is a one-woman shop. Please do not ask more of us than you would expect from a large candle company or business - tedious requests bog us down and distract us from doing what we love.